Art for And By Me, I Mean Us

Title: And By Me, I Mean Us

Author: puckity (AO3) | (tumblr)

Artist: stargazingchola (livejournal) | winchesterchola (tumblr)

Summary: After what they think was just a routine case, Sam starts feelings things that he can't quite put a name to. Things that aren't really his but aren't not his either. So he does what he always does: runs some tests, collects the data, and starts drawing conclusions. And then Dean does what he always does--comes in and tangles everything, including Sam, up.

 Timelined in early Season 12, prior to "First Blood" (12.09). 

Fic Link: AO3

notes: I wanna thank Leigh for writing this amazinggg fic! I loved working with you Leigh!! I loved all the chats we had and I hope everyone runs to read this! ITS SO FUCKING GOOD!!  I also wanna hug the mods over the SPN Canon Big Bang, who did such an amazing job.  Check out the other entries there! 


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