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Title: The Many Bitchfaces of Sam Winchester (AO3)
Author: majesticduxk (AO3)majestic_duxk | majesticduxk (tumblr)
Artist: stargazingchola | winchesterchola (tumblr)

*Note* I loved Duck's summary the first time I read it during claims. It's just so good!!! Sam's iconic bitchfaces across the years?? SIGN ME UP!! I'm so happy it's posting day so you guys can read it.  <3 Be sure to leave lots of comments on AO3 after you read it!! :D

also a big thank you for the mods over at spn_j2_bigbang for organzing another year! you guys are the real MVPs <3 <3

Art for It's Not What It Looks Like

Title: It's Not What It Looks Like
Author: naughtypastrychef| nerdypastrychef | nerdygeekypastrychef
Artist:stargazingchola | winchesterchola

Notes:  I loved working with Kristen so much!! <3 <3  I'm so happy with the way she took my piece and wove such an amazing, cute, hot story around it.  Please go read it!!!  I also wanna thank the mods at wincest_reverse for handling this entire event.  You guys rock!!

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Make a Wish

Art for the Celebrating Sam Event over at the ohsam LJ. Go check out the other entries!! THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL
Prompt: stargazing

my SPN Spring Fling Entry! I picked "cooking together" and "Sam/Dean" and here's what came out! This was created for yohkobennington and I hope they like it!! <3 <3

thanks to the mods at spnspringfling for managing this!