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Title: The Many Bitchfaces of Sam Winchester (AO3)
Author: majesticduxk (AO3)majestic_duxk | majesticduxk (tumblr)
Artist: stargazingchola | winchesterchola (tumblr)

*Note* I loved Duck's summary the first time I read it during claims. It's just so good!!! Sam's iconic bitchfaces across the years?? SIGN ME UP!! I'm so happy it's posting day so you guys can read it.  <3 Be sure to leave lots of comments on AO3 after you read it!! :D

also a big thank you for the mods over at spn_j2_bigbang for organzing another year! you guys are the real MVPs <3 <3

Art for It's Not What It Looks Like

Title: It's Not What It Looks Like
Author: naughtypastrychef| nerdypastrychef | nerdygeekypastrychef
Artist:stargazingchola | winchesterchola

Notes:  I loved working with Kristen so much!! <3 <3  I'm so happy with the way she took my piece and wove such an amazing, cute, hot story around it.  Please go read it!!!  I also wanna thank the mods at wincest_reverse for handling this entire event.  You guys rock!!

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Make a Wish

Art for the Celebrating Sam Event over at the ohsam LJ. Go check out the other entries!! THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL
Prompt: stargazing

my SPN Spring Fling Entry! I picked "cooking together" and "Sam/Dean" and here's what came out! This was created for yohkobennington and I hope they like it!! <3 <3

thanks to the mods at spnspringfling for managing this! 

Art for Under Bloodied Water

Title: Under Bloodied Water

Author: mycroft-silently-judges-you (tumblr) | VictoriaAGrey (AO3)

Fic: AO3

Artist: stargazingchola | winchesterchola (tumblr)

Art Link: tumblr

Warnings/Tags: Season 6 canon divergence, Soulmates, Self-Esteem Issues, Suicidal Thoughts, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Running Away, Self-Discovery, Reunions, Love Confessions, Case Fic

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Dean Winchester / Sam Winchester

Summary: Dean has run away from Sam after his soul being reunited with his body brought with it an unwelcome revelation about their relationship. But just because he's managed to run away from his brother doesn't mean he can also hide from his job.

Reports of something singing its victims to death are rocking the seaside town Dean has retreated to and it's up to him alone to take care of the problem... that is, until his brother shows up.

i loved working with mycroft-silently-judges-you and i urge everyone to read the story! the case and mythology is so good!!! GO GO GO GO READ IT!!  also thanks to the mods at deanwbigbang for their hard work!

“A rush goes through him on a crest of thunder; Sam here within his reach, watching Dean with a confused miserable expression, and when Dean puts a hand on his chest, Sam’s heartbeat quickens beneath his palm and this is why he went to the crossroads.”

–Watch the Weather Change by paxlux (ao3)

YOU GUYS,,, THIS FIC IS AMAZING.  I know its a couple of years old, but it captures the brotherly banter SO WELL!! Like it definitely has angst, but it also captures the
buoyancy from the early seasons.  Especially in the way Sam and Dean act around each other.  Of course they annoy the hell out of each other, but it's never overdone and that's why it's my favorite part of the fic.


Art for Pick Myself Up Off The Ground

Title: Pick Myself Up Off The Ground

Author: wetsammywinchester || tumblr| AO3http://wetsammy.livejournal.com

Artist: stargazingchola| winchesterchola (tumblr)

Pairing: Sam Winchester/Sam Winchester (implied Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester)

Rating: NC-17

Total Word Count: ~14,500

Warnings: none

Summary: When hellhounds came for his brother, Sam was overwhelmed by grief and guilt, and willing to do anything to bring Dean back - even sell his soul or trust a demon. Then a man who looks just like him shows up from the future with a story of angels and Armageddon. This other Sam is dealing with his own guilt and loss, but he has a plan to stop the apocalypse before it begins and to rescue Dean.  Now, the two of them must work together - two Sams to bring back one Dean.

Link to fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10237247

Link to art: tumblr

first thing I wanna say is I'm just so lucky to have been paired with Paula aka wetsammywinchester.  She's an amazing writer and this fic if just so darn good!! Please go read it and give her all the love!

second thing is thank you to the mods over at sammybigbang!! this big bang is one of my faves and thank you for running it!


Fic Title:Everything Must Go!!
Fic Link: AO3
Author: darcydelaney
Artist: winchesterchola  (tumblr) |  stargazingchola

Fandom/Genre:SPN, casefic, gen
Rating:R (language)
Word Count:~14,000
Warnings:language, show-level violence
Summary:It’s Sam and Dean versus corporate America as they investigate a series of murders plaguing a Walmart in Pemberton, Illinois. While trying to discover who or what’s behind the murders, they also face one of the most daunting challenges they’ve come across yet--working retail.

I wanna thank darcydelaney for bringing my art to life with her amazing fic!!! It's so amazingly written and so fun, I'm just so happy you guys can finally read it.

Author:backrose_17 (LJ) | blackrose_17(AO3) | sweet-sammy-kisses (tumblr)
Artist: stargazingchola (LJ) | winchesterchola (tumblr)
Characters & Pairings: Castiel/Sam, Dean/Benny, John/Mary, Gabriel/Hannah, Meg/Elieen, Clarie, Amelia, past Castiel/Amelia, past Brady/Sam, mentioned Anna/Ruby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25,433
Warnings: Past Cheating
Summary: When Castiel went on a hunt for the perfect birthday cake for his daughter, he never expected that it would lead him to Sam. Or over protective big brother, matchmaking family and friends but Castiel knows that Sam is worth it.

Link to Fic: AO3

*NOTES* - I wanna thank Sherri!!! This is the 2nd time we've worked together on a Big Bang without knowing we were picking each other haha   Thank you for writing the fluffiest Sastiel there ever was <3 <3 <3  I also wanna thank the mods over at sastiel_bigbang for reaching out to me when I would forget to check-in, and for running the event! THANK YOU!